Photo of University of Catania

A research article published earlier this year in the journal Life Span and Disability shows “kids these days” are abusing technology all over the world, as 70 percent of Italian college students are at risk of “problematic smartphone usage.” (Now, a couple caveats about this study before I continue. The studentsContinue Reading

Elana Mugdan won a contest to complete one year without a smartphone for $100,000.
Elana Mugdan, Vitaminwater’s “Scroll-Free” contest winner, will get $100k if she can finish an ENTIRE YEAR without a smartphone. People in third-world countries must be very impressed. Source: CNN

Vitaminwater is going to pay a New York woman $100,000 if she can finish a year with only a flip phone, proving that our society has gotten so addicted to smartphones and social media that we forget that’s how everyone on earth lived only 12 years ago. Elana Mugdan, aContinue Reading