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‘Le Tour’ and that Inexplicable French Seduction

Tour de France has begun. If you’re a typical American sports fan, you’re thinking, “I don’t need no Tour de France. I have my American sports!” These sports are reliable. They burn with...

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Americans Shouldn’t Apologize for Not Watching Soccer

The World Cup is over, and at least for another now, it seems that we American sports fans just don’t care. Oh sure, some of us do care, and for those that wanted to watch, it was hard to stay up all night to...

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When an Opposing Pitcher Hits a Grand Slam, it’s Time to Sacrifice the Bat Boy

Sometimes humiliation can lead to healing. Sometimes teams lose. Sometimes teams get absolutely creamed. Humiliated. Blown out of the water so bad, they question their place in sports. That’s what happened to the...

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